About Us

“The Brand Essentially Nomadic is about inspiration, exploration and creativity making it an insatiable journey for us to make the humdrum of your existence more exciting and lively.”
Our Mission
A brand that makes everyday mundane, boring things fun and bright by practicing high standards and provide value in our products.
We are focused on creating a space for playfulness and individuality by offering everyday lifestyle products, gifts and stationery that are fun, playful, optimistic and girly.
Who we are
Essentially Nomadic is a Bengaluru-based design brand focused on creating illustrations, surface patterns, fun stationery, gift and lifestyle products. We like pastel brights and neutral colors which fit perfectly with shapes and typography that have a more free hand cutesy
feel to them.
Our inspiration comes from a child-like, youth nostalgia and non-conformity where you don’t have to adhere to a defined script about what you are supposed to wear, like or own at a certain given age. We are a brand that values a voice for self-expression, creativity
and an individualistic approach to life


About the Artist

Sudevi Sen is a surface pattern designer and illustrator from Bangalore, India.
A design graduate from NIFT, she comes with an experience of 10 years in the field of design and has worked with major retail corporations right after university. Earlier in the year 2019 she decided to take the risk and go all solo to pursue her creative ambitions. 
Her approach to design is something that is functional and expressing only the most essential and necessary elements of her subject matter. She likes going experimental with abstract and quirky elements when designing. Through her brand she wants to create stuff that she cares about and be the one-stop destination for edgy and quirky products that enlivens your space and personality.